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SGT Singleton standing in an old well filled with confiscated weapons—weapons taken from captured or dead insurgents. 

SGT, Infantry Recon


Recon Platoon, HHC 1-133 IN, 34 ID—July 31 2005-January 14, 2007

Mortar Platoon, HHC 1-147 AR, 38 ID—October 28, 1998-October 28, 2004

SGT Singleton served in the Anbar Province of Iraq in an infantry recon platoon in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom during the period known as National Resolution (the period that led up to the need for the next phase, Iraqi Surge). During National Resolution, the Anbar Province was rated as critical (the only province to have such a harsh rating at the time) where SGT Singleton served protecting the supply lines from Al Asad Airbase to the smaller Forward Operating Bases such as those at Hīt, Rutba, Fallujah, Ramadi, Rawah, Al Qaim, and more. IEDs were common, and desert chases followed.


SGT Singleton served as the platoon translator, platoon cultural awareness expert, company critical incident stress manager, and served as a part of the battalion ministry team. In addition, he became Combat Lifer Saver (medical first responder) certified, and drove for the platoon leader in addition to normal combat duties: searching people and vehicles, reconnaissance work, etc. 


As a veteran, Justin is active in political discourse via social media, and suffers with PTSD and some hearing impairment. Justin is service connected with disabilities. 

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