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Heading to Sicily!

As many of you already know, I'm about to leave the country for four months. In just a few days I'll be heading out to Sicily to excavate at Mokarta—a Late Bronze Age site and a site I hope to use for my dissertation. A few weeks after this excavation is complete, I'll jump over to Cyprus to excavate at Dreamer's Bay with the University of Leicester and Operation Nightengale. Finally, I'll fly back to Sicily and either excavate at San Miceli or attempt to finish my analysis of the pottery of Mokarta. A couple of problems already exist...of course. First, the scheduled dig for Mokarta is, er, unscheduled at this time. We don't yet know when it will begin! Oh well...I will have access to the pottery, so I will have plenty to do. Another issue is that I have work to complete here (home) from last semester. Sigh.

Anyway, I will be giving weekly updates right here over the next four months. Be sure to come back and find out what I'm doing. Also, like my Facebook pag:

I'll likely be making short videos as well, so subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Also, on G+:

Actually...find me all over the web, lol, by checking out my Connect page.'

So, I might be far away, but you can still find out what I'm doing. Of course, you are also welcome to join me! Find out how you can by emailing or catching me on Facebook sometime.

Justin Singleton, PhD student

Field Director, Belice Valley Project

Andrews University | Institute of Archaeology |

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