False: Monster Energy is *NOT* the beast

Mark of the Beast? I'm sure you have seen this image, and you may have even watched the viral YouTube video of a woman "explaining" why Monster is a representation of the Beast (see it: http://youtu.be/bntfUA6TmLs), but the simple fact of the matter is that this is not true. First, there is a little thing called math that kind of gets in the way of this rather silly interpretation. vav, vav, and vav actually equals 18, not 666. Let me explain below. Gematria...how it really worked So, the system mentioned here actually did exist in the first century AD, and it was called gematria—in a nutshell, this system places a numerical value to Hebrew letters. How this works is that the value of the le

ISIS and "The Ban" (ḥerem)

I apologize for the gruesome nature of this post, but I think this image of children standing around the decapitated body of a Syrian rebel (killed by ISIS) very clearly illustrates the standard evangelical opinion concerning "the ban" (ḥerem) in ancient Israel during the Conquest of Canaan. If you aren't familiar with the idea, this is that command that God gave the Israelites to utterly destroy the seven nations in Canaan. Joshua and the others were to kill every man, woman, and child. Critics have often pointed out the nature of genocide within this command, calling it unethical. Two points need to be made: First, this command was given to a very specific generation of Israel and for a ve

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